Blacklite District Announces "Therapy Sessions" Tour w/ EVE TO ADAM 

We are excited to announce that Blacklite District will be joining Eve To Adam for the "Therapy Sessions" Tour, which kicks of March 17 in Valdosta, GA. 

"This is going to be our biggest live production to date, and we are stoked to get this show on the road with a great band like Eve To Adam", says vocalist & producer Kyle Pfeiffer, "We look forward to bringing this show to as many cities as possible in 2018."

Tickets are on sale now! Stay tuned to for more dates as they become available.


Blacklite District's "Cold As Ice" Surpasses 20 Million YouTube Views, Headed For Mediabase Top 50 Debut 

Blacklite District's smash single "Cold As Ice" has surpassed 20 million views on YouTube! The Minecraft animated video for the track currently boasts over 15.3 million views itself, and was trending worldwide the week of release. 

“I don’t really know what else to say about this song, because the music really does the talking. 'Cold As Ice' has exceeded every expectation we set for it. From 20 million views on YouTube, to major airplay on SiriusXM Octane, to the 'Rock Hard' playlist on Spotify, and now the big radio playlist is really picking up, we’re excited for 'Cold As Ice' to continue to scratch and claw it’s way into 2018 with us.”

In addition to this career milestone for the South Dakota based group, the song is currently headed towards a Top 50 debut on the Mediabase active rock chart thanks to radio giants like SiriusXM's Octane, WJJO in Madison, WI, and KHTQ in Spokane, WA.

Blacklite District kicks off a 2018 US tour with FLAW on February 13 in Kansas. CLICK HERE for tour dates

WATCH "Cold As Ice" Official Music Video

WATCH "Cold As Ice" Minecraft Animated Video

Blacklite District's "Cold As Ice" gets taken for a "test drive" on SiriusXM Octane 

Blacklite District's smash single "Cold As Ice" premiered on SiriusXM Octane yesterday in their weekly Test Drive segment featuring new music. This is the first time since 2015 that BLD has been on the Octane airwaves, following the massive success of "With Me Now", which was #7 on Octane's Big Uns Countdown of 2013. 

"We are thrilled to have SiriusXM Octane showing some love for "Cold As Ice", the song really has taken of a life of it's own, and this only makes sense." Says frontman & producer Kyle Pfeiffer. "The hard work has paid off and now the band has come full circle. We're excited to see what happens next!"

Blacklite District's new album Instant Gratification was released this past Friday, September 22. The group will kick off the "Carved From The Future" Tour with Another Lost Year on September 29 in Janesville, WI.

CLICK HERE to vote for "Cold As Ice" on SiriusXM Octane

CLICK HERE to stream Instant Gratification on Spotify 

Blacklite District scores 9.7 MILLION plays in first month of "Minecraft" collaboration 

Blacklite District's recent Minecraft collaboration on animated music videos for songs "Cold As Ice" and "The Struggle", have hit 5.4M and 4.3M respectfully in the last 30 days, bringing the bands total audience to 9.7 million. The band's official music video for "Cold As Ice" is also up over 100,000 views in the last 28 days, showing the power of the Minecraft fan.  

Frontman Kyle Pfeiffer says, "It's truly amazing that we've been able to get the music on this large of a platform. There are literally millions of people listening to this stuff, our sales and streams have spiked like crazy... It again goes to show that Blacklite District is a pioneer, not only in terms of sound, but in branding and marketing." 

"We Are The Danger", the debut single from the band's 2016 album To Whom It May Concern, will be the next collaboration video, and is dropping next week. Stay tuned as this amazing story continues. 


Blacklite District releases "Just So You Know" as the SIXTH song/ video from still-unreleased album Instant Gratification 

Blacklite District has released "Just So You Know" as the sixth song and video from their soon-to-be released album Instant Gratification, which finally drops on September 22nd. 

"It's amazing that we ended up releasing six songs and videos from this album before it even dropped, but when "Cold As Ice" came out, this whole thing kind of took on a life of it's own", vocalist Kyle Pfeiffer said Friday morning, "...and it's nice to do things on our terms."



Blacklite District's "The Struggle" Gets 1 MILLION Plays In One Week 

Blacklite District's collaboration with a new YouTube channel has resulted in the groups highest one week streaming numbers to date - 1 MILLION - on the band's 2016 single "The Struggle."

"Once again we are proving that we can break an act in a non-traditional way." says vocalist/producer Kyle Pfeiffer, " If it's Minecraft, Nightcore, or any other format, one million in a week is one million in a week. Welcome to the new age." 



Blacklite District to release "Instant Gratification" album on 9/22, first teaser posted 

Blacklite District will release their new album Instant Gratification on September 22 via AK19 Entertainment. The new 11-track album features the hit single "Cold As Ice" (featured on Spotify's "Rock Hard" playlist) as well as new songs "No I Will Not", "Goodbye", and "Blood Red (Turn The Dollar Green)". Instant Gratification comes not even a year since the release of 2016's To Whom It May Concern, which featured the viral single "The Struggle", which has been streamed over 3 million times.

The band is also expected to make a tour announcement in the near future to promote the album. Stay tuned!